Global Green’s Food Waste Recovery Program

Global Green Co-Founders, Diane Meyer Simon and Mikhail Gorbachev

The United States of America wastes 40 percent of its food. Less than one third of that is enough to feed all of the 42,000,000 Americans who suffer from food insecurity. Furthermore, the degradation of that food waste in our landfills creates methane, an emission 84 times more potent than C02, and one of the largest contributors to climate change. This is a national crisis that many aren’t aware of.

Global Green USA, an environmental non-profit founded in 1993 by Mikhail Gorbachev and Diane Meyer Simon, is helping to combat this important issue through work with local governments, business owners, and citizens to establish comprehensive food waste recovery strategies. Their focus on education, planning physical and technological infrastructure, and developing logistical solutions is vital to our people and our planet. It is also cost intensive.

Global Green has partnered with IMPACT by Ironwood, a national merchant processing provider, to build a sustainable funding source for their continued efforts throughout the country. IMPACT offers businesses a creative way to extend substantial financial support to their food waste recovery initiative without having to spend an extra penny. This raises awareness on a large scale, allows businesses to get involved without a financial burden, and gives customers the satisfaction of knowing their purchases are making a difference.

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